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  1. cool~

  2. Can someone reccemond me a good JRPG for the DS, Wii, 3DS, Gamecube, GBA, or Wii U?

    Excluding Xenoblade (price), Pokémon (obvious), MOTHER (because, you know, price), can someone reccemond me a JRPG for those consoles?

    Though, if I had the money, I would get a PS3.
  3. Fan-Art

    I'm not sure if anyone else does this.

    Remember back when you saved photos on your computer, and you renamed them? I still do that. I have a folder of Pokémon Fan-Art that currently has 751 pictures in it. They're all named for easy search, and a lot of my inspiration for Fan-Fiction comes from there. I follow a simple naming method of "Humans, Pokémon".

    The Pokémon are arranged by their Pokédex numbers, and the humans by: "Male Player, Female Player, ...
  4. Song Parodies (gotta love 'em)

    My favorite song parodies have got ta be Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged ones XD . Here's one of them.

    You like? So, your favorite song parodies, or general parodies, then :3 .
  5. Ok, personal opinion time...

    What would you say would be some of the difficult, yet rewarding, games
    you've ever played? They can be from any genre or console you want.

    For me? Well...Dark Souls is definitely on that list...somewhere..
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