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  1. Free Browser Indie Game MonsterMMORPG 2013-03-02 Weekend Event

    Monster MMORPG Special Weekend Bonus Event Started
    200% Gold and Experience Bonus from all battles
    Time to battle :)

    [url=http://www.monstermmorpg.com]Monster MMORPG V2 - For Free Pokemon Online Games Players[/url]

    Here 6 monsters from V2


    [url=http://www.monstermmorpg.com/Kelblis-Monster-Dex-62][img]http://static.monstermmorpg.com/images/monsters-images-300-300/62-Kelblis.png[/img][/url] ...
  2. Cutest movie ever

    Yesterday, I stumbled upon a cute film called Arashi no Yoru Ni ("One Stormy Night" for the English title.) Released in 2005, it's based off of a children's book by the same name.

    Discounting the rather violent and bloody opening, the story starts off when Mei hides in a barn to avoid a storm. Soon another animal, named Gabu, joins in, also hiding out the storm. The two ...

    Updated 3rd March 2013 at 12:50 AM by Karamazov

  3. My arms are still sore from shoveling my driveway two days ago

    Canadian problems

    At least I was allowed to stay home from school, which was nice considering my school board is infamous for never having snow days. Like...ever. I don't remember having one in my entire life.

    It was ~20 cm of snow, which isn't so bad compared to some other days we've had. Earlier this month we had a big snowfall and some kids cross-country skied to school (I'm not kidding).
  4. I'm Such a Tool

    I spent all afternoon on the floor with my laptop. Why, you ask?

    That has been sleeping in my chair all day. My big, comfy, blanket-saturated chair was taken over by a furry pile of ebil. So I had to sit on the floor in nothing but a snuggie while she curled up in the nice warm chair in my nest of blankets. I wanted to move her, but every time I made a move towards her, she turned her cuteness up to 11 ...

    Updated 1st March 2013 at 07:34 PM by Karamazov (Spoiler)

    Rantings and Ravings of the Kitty-Fox
  5. Well, that escaled quickly...

    Since today is the first day of Autumn, I was going about my usual start of season rounds such as looking at the aesthetics and listening to variations in route themes.

    When I was in Driftveil City, I felt the urge to challenge the Champions Tournament just to hear some music and be on my way.

    I ended up winning. I picked Weavile, Metagross and Mienshao. In the first round, I faced Red. He sent out Blastoise. It OHKOed my Mienshao with focus blast. I managed to defeat ...
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