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  1. Okaaaaaayyy...

    Well, some more weird stuff, and this time it's cat-related again.

    So, I was on my way to one of my grandmas' house, and along the way, I found a stray cat. I felt especially bad for this one, 'cause it had one of its legs amputated.

    So when I delivered some goods to grandma, I asked her to put some food in a dish. She gave me some noodles and chicken. On the way back, I put some noodles out on a bounty tissue I took from her house for the cat. When I got home ...
  2. Oh wow, I was expecting my schedule to fall apart on me.

    Guess not.

    Yay for still waking up at 8AM-ish! For now, anyway! Raise the roof! RAISE IT!!!
  3. StreetPass Mii Plaza

    In StreetPass Mii Plaza today I obtained my 1000th StreetPass Hit so I received another Accomplishment to make a total of 52 Accomplishments completed. On my 3DS I also have a Plaza Population of 911, all the pieces of each puzzle in Puzzle Swap apart from one pink piece in the most recently downloaded puzzle (504/505 pieces), I have finished StreetPass Quest (Find Mii) I twice and I have cleared StreetPass Quest II about 8 times.

    Here are some questions for other people with 3DSs. ...
  4. Sleeping issues?

    I really need to do something about my sleeping issues ;_;

    Insomnia is getting worse, and when I eventually fall asleep, I miss the alarm and almost get up around noon... and it's been like that for a few days.

    What should I do about it...
  5. Superbowl half-time!

    Before any discussion of the game starts, keep in mind that I have no idea about the sport :P however, it was a big moment in Pop Music because Beyonce was performing. So I'm wondering, did you guys think she did a good job? I'm sure a few of you would have been watching. I think she did a great job, I'm disappointed that there wasn't any new song though.
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