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  1. My dad went to Home Depot today.

    We thought he was getting a new heater or something, since our heater broke again. He was gone for some time.

    Instead, he came back with 7 flat bricks. He put them inside our oven, on the rack.

    Then we got pizza dough from the grocery store and made "brick oven" pizzas. They were pretty good.

    ... :)
  2. look who's back~

    Hallo there!

    So it has been a while hah? I missed this place so much haha but I really needed the break ^^

    so yea, I spent 3 weeks in rehab and am feeling a lot better now, hopefully I won't relapse again any time soon. I'm really happy to be back guys!

    I also picked a new hobby during my abscense; I'm still pretty bad at it but I don't care.


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