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  1. Oh hey they finally got good stuff at te gas station

    Pizza subs without any crap on them, and double double cheeseburgers, cool stuffs. I had one of the former, or to be specific one half of the former. So hey, maybe I won't go randomly starving yet.
  2. An interesting experience

    Yesterday, my Biology class went on field trip to an uninhabited offshore island.

    Nobody really came to do any work though, because we were done working within 20 minutes. So after that, there were a group of 18 - 20 years olds let loose on an uninhabited island. What could go wrong?

    Well, one of my friends got tipsy on a concoction called "diesel". It looks like normal fruit punch, but it definitely isn't. He drank about 3 cups of that stuff.
  3. Yet another SSB4 character II

    In my second Super Smash Brothers 4 speculation, I'd like to propose one the biggest Pokemon bad$%&es ever, right up there with N, Red, and Lance. Whom is this, you might ask? (or you might not. have it your way (Burger King! (So many parenthesis lol))) He hails from my personal favorite side series: Mystery Dungeon. This character is Grovyle! Yes, its everyone's favourite (I'm suddenly British) time-traveling, Sableye butt-kicking hero!


    Unlock description: ...

    Updated 13th April 2013 at 07:36 PM by Helioptile

    Old crap
  4. Advice for Restarting my Pokémon Games

    So, lately I've had the urge to just start playing Pokémon again, but I want to do it in order this time (thus restarting the games from scratch). I plan to use my old cartridges, but that presents a problem. To do so, I'd have to part with some very near and dear Pokés. Which I'd really like not to do. So, given that I know jack about the latest games and whatnot (specifically the trading mechanics), does anyone have any advice on how to proceed?

    Normally, I'd just be like ...
  5. Community service with my group

    Today, I am doing service with my college group, where we are assisting Kids Against Hunger. Got my group shirt on, and brought my 3DS with Professor Layton in case I want to kill time when I have nothing to do.

    When we got to the place, there was nowhere to park, and as we still have time before we are needed, we decided to have lunch. Hopefully after lunch we can find a good parking spot, so we can finally help out.

    In the meantime, anyone else looking forward ...
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