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  1. werster is running FRed for 24 hours

    This is sure to be maximumally entertaining

    I wonder how many runs will ultimately get beyond Surge...
  2. This is so sad

    My friend's uncle died of a heart attack today. I feel bad for my friend and everything, but the main reason I am sad is this.

    He was the host of an awesome local daytime radio show every weekday from 11am to 2pm. He's been on since I was a little girl.

    Now those 3 hours are gonna suck so much ass. It's like how Piers Morgan replaced Larry King. It sucks now. Why must the good die young?
  3. Lore Discovery: Mind=Blown

    Two Unova civilizations
    Relic Castle: Inhabited by the followers of the hero who befriended the dragon that would be the player's.
    Destroyed in a sandstorm, now buried in the earth.
    Abyssal Ruins: Inhabited by the followers of the hero who befriended the dragon that would be N's.
    Destroyed by a flood, now underwater

    Two Hoenn Legendaries:
    Groudon: Known to be patron of land, causes sandstorms
    Kyogre: Known to be patron of sea, causes ...

    Updated 13th April 2013 at 07:37 PM by Helioptile

    Old crap
  4. Pokemon Movie idea


    Of course it would be a Hollywood movie cause American film makers never ruined a Japanese IP before.

    The plot: Miror B would be a fun loving pokemon trainer trying to escape his past as a Cipher admin and he meets the woman of his dreams but she doesn't like him at first but his life seems good until then his mother falls ill. Miror B. must when the new stadium grand cup to get the prize money to save his beloved mother. But a ...
  5. Zaki's Mishaps: Faking My Heritage

    I haven't told you this before. You might find it weird, or bothersome.

    When I first moved to Newcastle, I faked my heritage. I'm not kidding - I pretended that I wasn't Lebanese. It was back in 2008. I had known what the people in Sydney think of the Lebanese, and I thought that people in my new hometown were going to hate me.

    These two guys noticed me at lunch speaking to myself. I was speaking Arabic somewhat loudly while writing in my journal. (I used to speak to ...
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