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  1. UC's Y Adventure part 1: Here I Am!

    After getting my copy at Nintendo World's raucous launch party during an exhausting New York Comic Con weekend (recap to come later), I set off through Kalos with my Mild female Fennekin nicknamed Hermione (creative, I know...). My character's name is Kristin (my real name), and my friend code is in the thread in the XY forum.

    I managed to avoid most of the Internet leaks, although I overheard ...
  2. Hopefully I wake up at a decent hour

    Though knowing my body and recent events it'll wake up at 3-5AM for no good reason even if I go to sleep at like 10PM, so those are pretty high hopes. Still, hey. You _can_ always hope~
  3. Are you for or against Ash aging?

    I think it would be good, it would help show his character development and maturity. I'm not asking whether you THINK it would happen or not, but are you guys open to it?
  4. Bulbagarden after dark: We can stop (the government)

    I'm just going to present this one without commentary.

  5. Top 5 funniest/worst things about the fairy type

    by , 13th October 2013 at 09:25 PM (Whispers of an average Bulbagardener)
    5. None of the fairy types except for Flabébé seem fitting of their typing.
    4. It wasn't necessary; dragons aren't overpowered, they're overused and overrated.
    3. It made the dark type too weak.
    2. It made the ice type completely pointless.

    And the funniest/worst part of all is…

    1. It was meant to "fix" the typechart, but it ended up being the most overpowered type in history. It's strong against the most used types in competitive ...
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