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  1. I thought Nogizaka46 was supposed to be bland

    That's not what I was expecting.

  2. So I went hunting for Fossils in Glittering Cave last night

    And since Glittering Cave has those dark patches where wild Pokémon appear, I always go through them to try to find a Mawile for the Dex on my way to the back of the cave.

    But I found something much, much better.

    I ran into a Lunatone, and instead of the usual red eyes, this one had blue eyes. I was like, 'oh okay then. That's pretty cool. Blue is my favorite color and Lunatone is one of my favorite Rock types.' and I proceeded to paralyze it ...
  3. ...Aaaaand they're real.

    They all look pretty good, especially Volcanion. But am I the only one who notices that Hoopa is the first Pokémon to have a double weakness to one of its' own types?
  4. Animal Crossing: New Leaf Diary Day 55: Halloween!

    Hey there.

    Oh wait. Wrong game.

    That's better.

    That's actually more telling than it seems. I, like many others, abandoned their town on the dreaded day of October 12th. I returned to it a few days ago because of this comic in particular ...
  5. I got stuck on door duty for halloween

    Or more specifically, stopping my cat from running out. The crazy cat that he is. Oh well, at least I amused some people by putting on a set of bunny ears and wearing white clothes. A surprising amount of people. Maybe even a disturbing amount. I dunno. But hey, whatever works works I guess.
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