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  1. Somehow, I Knew Today Was Going to Suck.

    I was in a bit of a hurry when I was getting ready for school. I ate a couple of cookies (breakfast of champions, am I right?) and took a sip from a bottle of Lipton citrus green tea. I then shoved the bottle in my bookbag, in case I got thirsty during class. When I stepped outside to catch the bus, it was incredibly windy and I got pummeled by a flurry of wet snow. I sat down in the bus, placing my bookbag on my lap. I noticed that it was unusually damp, but I figured it was just snow and shrugged ...

    Updated 3rd February 2013 at 11:49 PM by Ahnyo

  2. The Mizard of Oz

    You didn't think I'd actually go through with it, did you? @The Miz; I said I'd write a blog about you, and I won't go back on my word.

    He is a really cool guy. Even though we don't talk that much, he's still a funny guy, a loyal friend, and a smart feller. Here's a picture of us hanging out, about to go on an adventure.

    I'm the one with the sideburns, because sideburns are cool.

    I always imagined that System Error and ...
  3. What's up

    I'm not the most active person here on Bulbagarden, hell I might as well be undead.
    Anyway, I brought Pokemon Black 2 on October 12th 2012 (launch day) and as of the 31st January I am only on the seventh gym. Why? Well A) because of a lack of grind spots and B) I've lost interest.
    Now I still love Pokemon, and I am really excited for gen Six. But I float interests. In other words, sometimes I am interested in one thing REALLY intently, then I move away to something else, but still ...
  4. Because I Want to Make Blogs


    "Do you like the Blogs section on Bulbagarden Forums?" Asked a random stranger on the street.

    "Yeah I like it, it's probably the best section on Bulbagarden. You get to post whatever you want," I replied.

    "Oh, how about the moderators there, are SaturnYoshi, Octy and Froakie any good?" She asked.

    "Yeah they're okay. System Error got banned and one of them probably did ...
  5. Gah Subs takin- GAAH

    I don't want to take Japanese I hear it's really hard. But the sub still hasn't gotten to the freakin VIRGIL DEBUT. Can someone who is caught up explain to me why Ash is still in Unova if they even gave an explanation because I understand they want to write a team plasma story I get that I support that but Ash never really dedicated himself to vigilantism sure he helped stop people when he around but not like he took time off his schedule to locate and apprehend villainous teams he's just not a ...
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