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  1. It's just like I said.

    X and Y.

    Enough said. I'll wait for Z, thanks.

    P.S. Froakie.
  2. What are you people doing?

    It's only 45 minutes until probable disappointment. Why are you refreshing the site repeatedly now?

    Oh well. I blame the vB guys for the boards being fucked as a result.
  3. Been Thinking About This

    So, on Christmas, I went for a walk around the neighborhood, looking for a stray cat that hangs out in the area. I found him, went home, and decided to get him a Christmas present.

    I got a piece of my mom's fruitcake and took it to him and left it out for him to go eat. He looked so cute eating it, too, the way he kept trying to prevent it from slide off of the napkin and onto the ground.

    Do you think karma might reward me someday for that little deed?
  4. Are you guys hype for probable disappointment in about 4 hours?!

    I know I am, and will probably be up incidentally anyway!!

    Also, I said it once before in my Pokemon in MS Paint topic I need to fucking update already, and I'll say it again - new Eeveelutions are an obsession that MUST be supressed.
  5. Consoles and Handhelds Everywhere

    With the failure of the PS Vita to have any strong impact on the public and still lacking a killer app with mainstream appeal after one year of being on the market, sales have slowed. The 3DS similarly had a slow start but was able to bolster it's userbase with it's rich list of individual properties such as Mario and Animal Crossing, Sony has no such luck on that. The gadget world is very cutthroat, if your technology shows weakness at all, another will take your place.

    Sony attempted ...

    Updated 8th January 2013 at 02:38 AM by Winged Psychic

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