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  1. Felt like forever since I've done some writing.

    Trying to get into the dialogue groove. Yeah! Damn me for making characters who are hard to sum up, though. Worth it in the end? Sure. Sort of annoying in the meantime? Sort of. :P
  2. Why I Hate Family Guy

    I HATE Family Guy. I really do. Ever since I knew about it I've hated it. People don't get why I hate it, but I do. Maybe I'm biased because I'm more of a Simpsons person, and the Simpsons has a lot of stuff Family Guy is guilty of (stereotypes included), but I just found it funnier.

    1. The characters are all stereotypes, and obnoxious ones at that! It plays straight more stereotypes than you'd think. Let's take a look:
    - The bumbling dad, Peter himself. And he's outright obnoxius, ...
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  3. Work Is No Joke

    I am so, so tempted to quit my job. But that won't happen...I couldn't find anything that pays this well. Having a hard time making ends meet as it is, even with four roommates.
    Ah! It's the end of my day off, why am I thinking about work already?

    In other news, what do you call a redhead who runs a bakery?
    A ginger bread man.
  4. It's Not Cheating...It's Strategy

    by , 6th January 2013 at 08:44 PM (Minute Musings of a Muddled Mind)
    In my last post, I talked about a co-worker that I had finally had the chance to battle and that in spite of his confidence, I managed to beat him and his team, including his beloved Gengar with my team, including my awesome Magmortar. Today he told me that we needed to have a rematch and that he was working on training a "special" Pokemon to beat me next time. He also told me that I got lucky and that I was cheating just because not only did I manage to confuse his Gengar with Confuse ...

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  5. Servin' it up Starfleet Style

    Those who know me know that I'm a massive Star Trek nerd. In fact, I was even writing a fanfic which I may be returning to soon. Those who also know me know that I love to kick ass in multiplayer player vs. player (PvP) scenarios.

    Which brings me to today, where I did just that. Star Trek: Online is a relatively obscure MMO that has a lot of internal structure problems. Buggy missions, poor quality cutscenes, lots of controversial decisions by the developers and a whole host of other ...
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