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  1. Friend his name is N and hopes for future anime episodes

    Yahoo! Team Plasma's gonna be in the anime!
    I hope that N will be voiced by Peet Zerustica, and Maybe Ghetsis can be Sean Schemmel or Dan Green. Bill tost would be good too.
    I'm also hoping for some Generation VI pokemon to appear in the anime, unlike what happened to Generation V pokemon only appearing in one Gen IV movie. Let's have some johto-esk appearences of next generation pokemon, mmkay? sound reasonable? also it's not fair that the UK gets the Giovanni episodes and they're ...
  2. Braindance.


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  3. Spreading the awesome.

    I decided that as a closet fan I've had enough of running and hiding in an anti-pokemon neighborhood. I'll change this fact myself.

    Before Pokemon Direct was dropped on us all by Iwata, Junichi masuda hyped up the presentation and told us to show it to everyone we know. So I decided to honor his request today.

    Today when I was out, I showed some classmates the Nintendo Direct. They were general nintendo fans, but mostly indifferent to Pokemon.

    We got ...
  4. So.

    I've been looking at Chespin, and I really like it, but there's something I can't really decide on. If it were to get a secondary type, what would it be? (The next evo or second evo would get the type). It's kind of a rodent so it could get Normal, but I can't imagine that happening because it's a starter. I can kind of imagine it getting Fighting, but I would like something more interesting than that. Maybe Dark and it could get the move Crunch... hmmm. I really don't know. So, my question is: ...
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