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  1. My bearded dragon sometimes...

    It's just so crawly, as in, it wants to like, crawl up my arm and stuff when I bring it out. Dunno what determines its mood like that. :P But it is quite bothersome, as that tends to give me like, tiny and brief but slightly bothersome scratches
  2. HALP

    I am suffering through a brain fart right now.

    I know this man is from Nintendo in some way.

    Seriously, I need help. x___x;
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  3. 202nd post

    I will celebrate my palendrome post with an introspection on one of my most popular posts.

    The post about there being a sheet of bubble wrap got over 200 views. This is how to get views on your blog posts.

    Other popular posts were joking about the rumored iPad mini, the mod Christmas videos, Everyone who shops on Black Friday is a member of Al Qaeda, and A Christmas Tragedy (the new All I want for Christmas is you).
  4. Generation Reservation

    Well now.
    Gen VI.

    Missed the initial flare of "OMG GEN VI, 3D CUTE STARTERS AWESOME LEGENDARIES OMG ROLLERSKATES!" posts and blogs. Had to wait until I'd calmed down and could type a coherent sentence.
    As most others, I am super duper thrilled that this game is coming out. I love everything about it - the starters, the 3D aspect, the setting, the legendaries. I really don't have a bad thing to say about what we've seen so far.
    That said, while I think ...
  5. Holy crap.

    Local times don't show up anymore. For me, at any rate.

    This has been another irrationally short blog entry by Pyradox.
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