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  1. My metabolism is pretty freaky.

    Seems that whenever I eat lunch at anything other than noon or maybe 1PM, I'm not hungry enough for dinner. Speaking of which, it's nearly noon. I should totally go eat lunch. HOPEFULLY.
  2. My Second Bulbaversary

    Today is my second Bulbaversary because it has been two years since I joined the forums. This blog entry is written in a very similar style to my first Bulbaversary blog entry.

    I lurked for a month before joining. I first joined the forums to discuss the Pokémon video games, anime and news. During my time here I have also posted in forums I didn't think I would be posting in originally such as the Fun and Games, The Garden Grotto, Entertainment Inc. forums as well as the Pokémon ...

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  3. New Year resolutions

    by , 1st January 2013 at 02:16 PM (Musings of an underpaid private)
    Let's see I usually don't make resolutions but this year I think I might.

    • Get in better shape
    • Get a girlfriend
    • I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was

    That all sounds like a reasonable things to want from this year.
  4. Happy New Year! :D

    And this will surely be a good year.

    - Gen 6 (highly likely)
    - Steins;Gate movie
    - Madoka Magica: The Rebellion (movie)
    - Insidious 2
    - Team Plasma and N debut in Best Wishes.
    - Iron Man 3
    - Thor: Dark World
    - etc, etc, etc.

    I can't wait. ^^
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  5. All your magnemites are belong to me.

    I'm acting like a 5 year old hopping all over the place with all these blog posts, but the internet has funny side effects on us all.Anyway, using the magnemite chain for Join Avenue is tedious, but by the gods is it useful.
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