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  1. My Laziness Knows No Bounds

    So, Happy New Year everyone. Hope you're all in better shape than I am.

    Now, my nerd friend tells me before the break, "Hey, I head of an upcoming Pokémon tournament and it's doubles. You and me?" And I stare at him with a blank face that just screams, "You have asked me to do something and I am still processing whether or not my abilities match what the activity demands."

    I taught this guy everything there is to know about Pokémon. I'm pretty ...
  2. Block puzzles always suck.


    Doesn't matter where.

    Especially when they get carried away with them.

    Although I wonder how many puzzle designers have been burned by their own block puzzle.
  3. My ongoing list of Resolutions

    To be honest, most of these resolutions can extend way past New Years, but I figure it's a good time to make them regardless.

    1. Drink more water
    2. Try not to gain too much weight
    3. Pass the coding exam I'm taking in the summer
    4. Go on another girl's trip
    5. Fly in a plane
    6. Go to a new destination
    7. Show my family how much they mean to me
    8. Become more independent
    9. Try to love myself more
    10. Try new things ...
  4. Two Years? New Year, Please.

    Tried to write a New Year's post. This is my third attempt. Turns out, there's just not a lot to say about how glad I am that 2012 is over, except that I'm looking forward to a new chapter.
    In the last two years, I got my first job, moved out into my own place, got married, got divorced, lost some friends and found the love of my life.
    It's been a tiring, elating, heartbreaking, overwhelmingly long process to get to where I am now. Am I glad of it? Yes. Are things perfect? No. There ...
  5. Christian's rant - Standing in the doorway for seemingly no damn reason

    Happy new year everybody. or at least, it would be, if people kept moving.
    Annie and i got back from Winnipeg thismorning, and slept for a while. but, what i'm here to rant about is what happened at 5 in the morning at the airport.
    We were trying to go inside the terminal, and there were a whole bunch of people standing, just looking at something, annie couldn't see what it was. They just stood there, right in front of the doorway, and got angry at us for going through them.
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