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  1. Gotta admit, I kinda miss the community here

    , 31st January 2013 at 11:02 PM (Ace Trainer M.A.A.D. City)
    I know it changed a lot, but I really loved the community here. flipping back and forth about logging in more regularly because I like being involved in a community instead of just watching from afar.
  2. you want us to like it? here's how you increase the odds

    by , 31st January 2013 at 10:05 PM (Christian's life)
    Hello people, this is a message to beliebers, twilighters and such about a better way to maybe get people like me who dislike Bieber and twilight to maybe change our minds.
    1. tell me the good points of it.
    be rational, don't talk about sex, marriage to that person or character, and don't go fangirl-ish on me.
    2. find out what exactly it is that we don't like about it.
    you never know, maybe someone doesn't like the particular genre, style or type of book, music or whatever. ...
  3. A question on Omegle!

    by , 31st January 2013 at 10:02 PM
    You're now watching two strangers discuss your question!
    Question to discuss: Quick! The object to your left is the only thing to stop you from getting raped by Molestia! How fucked are you?

    Stranger 2: pretty fucked
    Stranger 2: considering its a snuggie
    Stranger 2: i'd take it anyway
    Stranger 2: molestia is probably the worst thing to be raped by
    Stranger 2: i was saving my anus for rainbow dash
    Stranger 2: le other stranger
    Stranger ...
  4. Sore Throat and a Birthday Present

    by , 31st January 2013 at 09:12 PM (Blogitty Blog Blog)
    Had it for about 2 days now, but it's getting better. What really sucks though is my raspy voice. People keep making fun of me for "going through puberty again." -.-' I'm getting kinda tired of drinking nothing but tea too (but I do like soup and cough drops :D)

    Also on the side note, my little cousin's birthday is today and will be celebrating it either tomorrow or over the weekend. Since she got a 3DS XL for Christmas, I've been seriously thinking about giving her my old ...
  5. Wants to learn Japanese but is not sure how

    by , 31st January 2013 at 09:09 PM
    Title says it all. I'd like to learn Japanese.

    I've recently been trying to watch raw Pokemon anime episodes, and I can actually get a pretty good idea of what is going on by reading facial expressions, context, etc. but I don't really think it's actually helping me learn Japanese. I'm pretty much substituting in my own dialogue. I'd like to be able to actually understand the language when people speak it. (Don't really care about speaking it myself. Although I'd like to learn how ...
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