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  1. Should I turn on signatures?

    For as long as I can remember, I've had signatures turned off. I believe I turned them off because they distracted me from posts, but who knows really. That was almost four years ago. Anyway, would you guys say signatures are worth viewing? And do you think I should turn them back on?
  2. The Friends Blog!

    Ok,I've been on BMGF for three and a half months now,and I've had a lot of fun here,hence why I'm staying. But I would like to thank some of the friends who have made this so fun-you don't like it,you don't read it.
    So where do I start? Ok,I know.
    I'll start with @Rio Kamishiro; otherwise known as fin-fin. Fin-fin has done a lot for me,namely telling someone something,and a lot of chatting with me when I'm bored. And I would honestly say that Fin-Fin is a lovely ...
  3. I don't Jessie, James and Meowth want to leave the show! :<

    They have been my heroes since I was young and they still are. It breaks my heart a little they aren't in every episode anymore but I'm sure they're still happy and the same persons they used to be.

    And they can't leave the show because

    Jessie and James need to marry! ;_;
  4. This week is going to be tough.

    The bio SAT is this Saturday, and I have an exam next week in singing class. Plus there's a math test on Tuesday and a history test on Friday. Meh.

    I doubt that I'll be able to come on here much this week.
  5. Countdown to Black and White 2, Part 1

    Seven days remaining.

    One thing I'm excited for is the sheer variety of different Pokémon available so early in the game. I mean, geez. Riolu, Mareep, Psyduck, Elekid, Magby, and Growlithe all available before the second Gym? This is my kinda setup. Plus Eevee before the third Gym?

    This is one of the first games where I'm legitimately having a tough time deciding which Pokémon I want to use. Anyone else feel the same?
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