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  1. My kitten was PISSED today.

    He was outside with my parents, and this gray cat came walking by. Now, he's had several staredowns with this thing in the past, and it likes to take dumps in the yard. This time, they had a face to face. And while he was tolerant of that cat who hung around for a while, this one made the mistake of growling at him in his territory. He jumped right up on the six foot fence in one bound, swatted it, and chased it all the way across the winding fence. Guess he doesn't take shit at all.
  2. The Fantastically Boring Life of An Anonymous Public Anomaly

    Quite the movie title. I'd see it if it wasn't supposedly about me.

    -Opening Credits: Indestructible by Disturbed. (Ooooh, is this a superhero movie?)

    -Waking Up: Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. (Hey, I know that song! Led Zeppelin. This is a pretty cool guy.)

    -Falling In Love: (I Hate) Everything About You by Three Days Grace. (Way to hint this isn't gonna work out. Who the fuck compiled this soundtrack?)

    -Fight Scene: You Suffer by Napalm Death. ...

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  3. Kingdom Hearts III: Revised Battle System (The Heart Drive System)

    In a previous blog, I gave some ideas on gameplay...I played Kingdom Hearts II and Birth By Sleep though and realized my idea was a bit too simple. So here's my revised idea for the gameplay system for Kingdom Hearts III.

    First of all, my idea was to have six playable character, but looking it over, that seems more suited for a spin-off. So, instead, it's back to just Sora, Donald, and Goofy. Although my new idea, the "Heart Drive" system, basically gives you 8 different ...
  4. Top 5 Favorite Bug, Psychic, and Fighting Types

    Now we're reaching the types that don't have the biggest impact on me. I do like them all, but they're not my favorites.

    Scizor and Metagross were in my last list, so they're disqualified from this one. Legendary Pokemon are not being rated, and if I mention one Pokemon, I'm referring to its whole family unless otherwise stated.

    So let's do this, shall we?



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  5. I've mostly been lying in my bed all day

    Pretty uncharacteristically for me. Maybe I just feel like having a day of calm relaxation for once, as opposed to being semi-tense. I mean, even in days when I hang out in my bed, I usually don't lie down too too much.
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