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  1. Update on My Former Uncle

    So, I'm back from all that time off. I have a really weird story to tell you.

    Last week, my cousin Haifa told me something that was really unsettling about her father. It was about his new girlfriend.

    Before I tell you who she is, I'll give you some background. My mother's sister was married to her husband, Hussein, for 25 years. They got a divorce a year and a half ago. In a way, I'm glad I don't have to see him. I've had more arguments with my uncle than I can count. ...
  2. Oh you teaser you...

    Two red eyes stared in horror upon the unfolding scene, watching as barrage after barrage tore the planet surface apart. Cities once tall and proud bore little resistance as they simply crumbled from the orbital bombardment, oceans once clear polluted by various contaminants once kept apart from each other by the now destroyed lands. The skies themselves weren't safe from the assault, the kicked up debris blocking any view from above or below.

    They continued bombardment, the creatures ...
  3. dub names for future characters i'd like to see in the anime

    here are some dubbed names for characters i'd like to see in the anime. note, if you think it's too 4kids-ish then say so. if you think it's a shitty name, say so, if you think it's too unlikely, say so, if you like the name, say so, if it's already been used too much, say so. whatever you think, say so because i'm actualy going to go ahead and find someone to send this to TPCI, i'll give it a week for some more suggestions.
    here are my suggestions for names to appear in the anime:
  4. I suppose staying up till 7-ish the past three or four days could be worse.

    I mean, I could be waking up 12 hours later instead of 6-8 hours later. How will today fare, though? Only one way to find out! You know...considering I can actually get to sleep.
  5. Christmas Almost here<3

    As of typing this blog (8:57 PM 12/16/12 GMT +08:00) 9 MORE DAYS TILL' CHRISTMAS

    ~BTW, I hope It doesn't annoy you when I constantly add Anime Pics in my blog. I just want It to feel like a Article you reading~ XD

    Well yes, Christmas is around the corner. Good news is, this week is the final week. Got exams coming this Wednesday and Thursday then Friday is our Christmas Party at ...
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