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  1. Zaki's Reviews: Arthur

    There are a lot of cartoons that I like. But for a while, I hated to admit to people that I still like Arthur - the show on PBS about the cartoon aardvark and his friends. My friend Frank and I watch it from time to time - we find it surprisingly funny.

    I had a hard time telling people that I like it, but last year I told my mother that I still like Arthur. I told a few other friends, and they were cool with it. Believe it or not, the show isn't that babyish. It's even rather edgy ...
  2. Dying Consoles

    @MegamanDX; has sent me this article about the horrible truth of the future of consoles:


    It's over, Nintendo's finished, and so are Sony and Microsoft.
  3. Looking for a manga.

    So I recently finished Fullmetal Alchemist and I absolutely loved it! It has become my favorite manga series of all time.

    Now I'm looking for a new series to read. I already have a few ideas on what to read, but I'd like to hear your suggestions.

    I could also use some help finding a series that someone mentioned on here a while back (I believe it was in the Fun & Games section). I completely forgot what it was, but I remember it looked cool. I think it has something ...
  4. Stolen from whoever.

    Sexuality: Asexual
    Age: 15
    Race: Irish
    Personality: Sarcastic
    History: I'm not sure what you are asking.
    Dominant Hand: Right
    Dominant Eye: Left
    Pirates or Ninjas?: Ninjas
    Xbox or Playstation?: Playstation
    LotR or Star Trek?: LotR
    Preferred Salad Dressing: I don't even salad.
    Republican or Democrat?: Democrat
    Favorite Kind of Pizza: Pepperoni
    Read the Book or saw the Movie?: Saw the Movie.
    Right Brained ...
  5. "Ask me Anything" with a twist! - The Twist Revealed

    Well, here's that twist of mine. The answers to your questions are right here.

    @Fab @Mizuhashi @Shadows @Rio Kamishiro
    SharKing Does BMGf
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