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  1. Exchanged games with my brother

    My little brother really wanted to try out Pokemon Pearl, and my parents wouldn't get it for him because I already owned it. So he begged me to give my game cartridge to him pretty much all day, and I finally relented about half an hour ago. I reset my game for him and he gave me his HeartGold cartridge in exchange.
    I've already played HeartGold though, and I just thought it would be boring to play it again. So I made a decision.

    I've decided to try a Nuzlocke run of HeartGold. ...
  2. I'm going to say this right now.

    -buys Pokédex 3D Pro
    -hears voice
    -thinks "Crap..."

    Lemme just say I'm not a fan of the anime, and the guy's voice made me think of Dexter...

    The Japanese version is better, sadly.
  3. Aren't I HATOFUL?!?!

    EDIT: I made a Hatoful Boyfriend club in the Social Groups if anybody is interested! :)

    *For those who read my last blog I finished 1 out of the 6 essays that I said I would do. Isnt that just WONDERFUL?*

    Previously on my last blog I mentioned that something I discovered recently has had me behind on my classes for a while and I am now going to talk about it. It is called Hatoful Boyfrend.


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  4. Yays

    by , 10th November 2012 at 08:40 PM (The Answer to Life the Universe and Everything)
    For 2 things.
    1) The MLP Premiere today. It was amazing and is also amazing that we get 1 every week now :)

    2) We won our game this week! It was A&M V Alabama. We won by 5 points. And they are National Champions, or at least really close. This is the first game they lost, and this is after LSU.
  5. So, Adventure Time was leaked

    The episodes were meh. Good, but nothing special. Not as good as The Lich or I Remember You.

    And I saw those new pony episodes. Also meh. I really wanted to like the new bad guy because he would have none of that love and happiness hippie bullshit. But then it turns out that he sucked, so I didn't like him.

    Time to watch the new Ben 10 ep. Hopefully it won't be much of a let-down.
    EDIT: It is.

    Here there be some notes I made on both shows.

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