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  1. Voicey


    In case anybody was wondering what I sounded like, well, here I am. Sorry for the poor quality and odd inflection, but I didn't want to wake my roommate. Maybe I'll update this tomorrow with a better recording.
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  2. Voice time?

    Seems like we have a mini bandwagon.

    Well, I would try to jump on it, but three things are preventing me from doing so:

    1: No Youtube account
    2: Crappy laptop that doesn't have a camera or mic
    3: Crappy camera that doesn't work half the time.

    So since I can't post anything with my voice, I may as well post this for teh lulz:

  3. NYC Nintendo World BW2 launch recap

    I was too exhausted yesterday and had something to do this afternoon, but here's my recap of the Nintendo World launch party from yesterday:

    The BW2 event was my first time at a Nintendo World launch party. (the mall tour was the main reason I didn't make the first BW one) I got there super early, just after 11 pm to be exact because the first bus out of my hometown would have cut too close to the opening time and I would have been in a super long line. It was very crowded and it ...
  4. Voice Time

  5. I Made a Voice

    by , 7th October 2012 at 08:36 PM (I Finally Figured Out How to Change the Title of My Blog)
    This is my voice. I know y'all were dying to hear what I sound like. Especially you, @Pyradox;.

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