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  1. I need to decide if I want to work a ten hour night shift on Black Friday

    On one hand, it would be experiencing the forgotten circle of hell.

    On the other hand, it would be a boost to my sales figures.
  2. Final Fantasy NES - Red Mage Challenge Part 1

    Hello! This is Lief, and currently, I'm redoing my Red Mage Challenge in Final Fantasy I. So let's begin...

    A beautiful Red Mage, Neo, is born!
    Mort, Draco, and Ghestis are soon spawn into the world.
    Think of the irony...

  3. craziness in walmart

    Just landed home from winnipeg. I was at the wal walmart in Portage Place mall, and was at the check out. a woman and a spoiled child was behind us in line. he kept on trying to cut in front of us and the mother did nothing about it. and i asked her how far away they lived, she said 3 minutes away. the kid wanted to go home and play with his toy which he already ripped out of its package. We had to hurry so we wouldn't miss our flight home, so we didn't have time to let this kid mess around ...
  4. Strengths of Personality

    Over the weekend, I was at a fall retreat for a club I'm a part of here at school. Part of the retreat included taking an online test called "StrengthsQuest." This was a test intended to identify the top 5 strengths of my personality, and the point of the retreat was figuring out how each member could use our strengths towards helping the club.

    There are 36 total strengths, and 4 type areas (each comprised of 9 strengths). These areas are: Excecution and Performance, Influence, ...
    Random Stuff
  5. Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have weekend homework! It'd be okay if it were an Algebra worksheet, but it isn't! I have to write paragraph-long entries on 10 chapters of a book, then write a poem, all using specific and overly long quotes!

    And I only have today to complete it!
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