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  1. Emotional Distress

    So I have this friend, and we've known each other for about a year now. We text a whole lot, but due to distance issues, we never get to see each other in person and hang out.

    Well, about a week ago, she basically just stops texting me, and when she does, she's just.. vague. Like, we used to open up to each other and what not, and now she doesn't wanna say anything specific. I'm not very good at all with the opposite sex, so I'm stuck on what to do. I've been just giving space, because ...

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  2. How could you do this to Morty?

    I got my computer back today. While I was on FF.net, I was looking at some fanfics related to my favourite Pokemon character, Morty. I liked most of them - the most recent was a rather funny one about Morty having a bit of a spat with Norman at a swimming pool. But there was one that really got me riled up. Read it if you dare:


    This fanfic is the biggest piece of ...
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  3. Nickelodeon is airing Stand By Me.


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  4. I job search for the first time in my life

    Im so scared! I have never had a job before but the nagging feeling of getting job is getting stronger but my mom is right and I know it...."Look, you never do your homework and that's lazyness....No one wants to hire a lazy person"

    I mean i can do the job right but I have this thing called a "phobia of being interviewed" that's actually like my fear of bee's called this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear_of_bees....

    Why do you have to be interviewed ...

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  5. No one will actually read this

    I just finished Ouran High School Whatever.

    For those who don't know, it's the story about an androgen who cares not for gender named Haruhi, who becomes indebted to a gaggle of bishonen and must prostitute her attention to horny rich girls in order to pay off her debt. Along the way, the lead bishonen and arguably the least gay one, falls in love with her.

    When @Jabberwocky; first recommended it, I was a little skeptical. Anyone who knows me knows I don't like
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