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Technology And 1998

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You know, this April Fools joke made me realize how much of the tech I use daily would have been the stuff of science fiction or at least confined to research labs in 1998. Things like flash drives, smartphones, gigahertz computers and MP3 players.

I am frankly amazed how much technology progresses in only a few years.

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  1. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    Amazing isnt it, it makes me wonder what the will continue to develop
  2. Gligar13's Avatar
    Gigahertz computers did exist, but they were only in high end, and the gigahertz was usually due to multiple CPUs. Cellphones did exist, and smartphones would come a year or 2 later, while people used Zip drives instead, which flash drives would emulate in the software end of things.
  3. Kayi-chan's Avatar
    I also find it amazing, especially considering I picked an Information Technology career, something I didn't even know existed back in 1998.

    ...looking forward to even more developments in the next 13 years!
  4. Gligar13's Avatar
    Yep, expect stuff to happen. Lots of stuff. Like one is already happening, the market is shifting toward smartphones and tablets away from PCs. And just like in the 90s, you have 2 competetors: One that's open and easy for companies to make devices with it (Android), and one that's locked in to one company (iOS)
  5. Aladar's Avatar
    Same here. Looking back, some of the things we have today sound absolutely ridiculous when you look at them as your 1998-self.


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