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RP Joining Improvement

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One thing that bugs me is that it seems that of my RPs die very quickly.


I know and have been told that I am a very good RP'er on two separate forums and both of them contain some pretty advanced RPers. I follow the exact same procedures and techniques here that I used there and yet they have not yielded success.

I mean, what am I doing wrong here?

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  1. RainbowMoondust's Avatar
    Perhaps you simply have bad luck?
  2. Serenity's Avatar
    1. Well, there aren't as many good RPers as there used to be.
    2. That, and probably players that are not 100% commited to the RP.
    3. Maybe the people looking to join RPs are not really interested in your genre of RP.

    Maybe you need to try a non pokemon RP (Like Zoids, One Piece, Naruto, Digimon, etc.) or do a different type of Pokemon one. Either way, it has nothing to do with you as an RPer.

    I hope this helped. =)
  3. DarkDreams's Avatar
    Actually, RP'ers are more dedicated to RP's where the other RP'ers are along similar level to them. If you're aiming for a serious RP, go difficult, complicated, and different. If you just want some light hearted fun or w/e, make it simple and straight forward :)
  4. Agent Gryphon's Avatar
    Your zombie one isn't too bad, and don't worry I will try to keep posting much as I can, although it seems like just the two of us


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