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I hate nosy people

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by , 28th October 2010 at 09:37 PM (385 Views)
First a little background. I carry two knives. I come from a strong fishing background and everyone in my immediate family carries knives with them at all times.

Yeah, I am very pissed because the cops at William and Mary confiscated my two knives, despite the fact that I never used (or will use) them in a manner that would warrant their confiscation (i.e. menacing someone with it, brandishing it, etc.)

Oh yeah, one of the knives I lost was a $34.99 Gerber Icon folding knife.

*Sigh* Values Dissonance, damn you!


And now the rant (Warning: contains Cluster F-bombing)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hallowheart
    0_o... what the heck... so, some weirdo person with no connection to you had your knives confiscated for a reason that did not deal with anyone but you solely? Yikes.

    Also, you're missing half your spoiler tag.
    Thanks for alerting me to the spoiler tag.

    But that is basically what happened.


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