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The Fighting Misty

The XY anime trailers are giving me DP vibes

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I'm not the only one who noticed this, but those few trailers of the XY anime remind me a lot of the DP series for some reason. I'm getting the same feeling now as I did back in 2006 when the initial Sinnoh 3-parter aired in Japan.

Honestly the only reason anyone liked DP is because it showcased the pinnacle of Ash's journey as a trainer and battler. Good rivals like Paul and evil villains like Pokehunter J added to that. Ash cannot be a rookie anymore with a terrible pokemon team, and that's why Best Wishes was disliked by a lot of people.

I don't even care who Ash's travel companions are next gen, just as long as Ash himself is at the height of his ability as a trainer and battler again, it should be good.

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  1. Pokémon Master Ash's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Reila;bt292917]People suggest it because DP was good, Gotpika. Well, at least in regards of how battles, Satoshi's team and evolutions were handled in that saga. Whenever I say that I want XY to be like DP, I am specifically referring to the aforementioned aspects of the show, these which were completely ruined in Best Wishes. Battles were lame, Satoshi's team was a mess and the evolutions made no sense, who should have evolved didn't and Roggenrola of all things, did. I do like when they try new things and that is actually easily noticeable, after all I am praying for Pansy being one of the main characters in XY and that would be something totally new to the show. I agree with some of the things you said about DP, by the way and I also agree that Best Wishes was enjoyable to watch (to some extent... and only up to the episode 84) because the writers introduced new concepts to the show, like the various rivals and the tournaments.

    I suppose you wasn't necessarily directed to me, but since I am a Bulbagardener that is suggesting a new saga similar to DP in some aspects, I thought I should post this.[/QUOTE]

    I guess my thoughts are best described as this: What DP did well, it did [I]very[/I] well. What DP did bad, it did [I]very[/I] bad.

    DP was a great series for Ash and Dawn, when examining it from a plot and writing perspective. The battles in general probably peaked in DP in terms of how well they were executed and animated, as was the rivalry with Paul for Ash.

    Character wise, DP was poor, though. Out of all four sagas, it is probably my worst in that aspect when examining it with all characters in mind.

    My reasoning?

    The Good:

    Ash was good, but he lost a bit of his personality, which was fine, considering he was becoming more mature in that respect. Not the best way of going about it, but it still worked pretty well. I can see why people feel Ash was at his peak as a trainer here. Not my favorite, but I respect those who disagree about it in his case.

    Dawn was fresh and new at the time, and so she was able to develop her own personality without being flanderized or changed up completely (some would argue that occurred with her BW cameo).

    Paul was an excellent foil to Ash in every way imaginable and provided an excellent contrast to his ideals and personality.

    Conway was cool, if a bit creepy.

    The Bad:

    Brock's low point in the entire series occurred here, IMO. I'm not worried at all how the BW writers handle him in his cameo, because he already hit rock bottom in DP. I can only see his cameo in BW as being a good thing for his character at this point unless the writers manage to totally botch things up. In DP, he was mercilessly shafted and kept on the sidelines a lot of the time, given very few moments to shine, his flirting actually creeping one out rather than being funny most of the time, and getting a lot more narrative about Ash's battles, than actually battling or doing something proactive himself. Then, the last minute "Pokemon Doctor" miracle goal changer logic of the writers. Needless to say, this is where he was flanderized and ruined in a lot of ways.

    Team Rocket's characters were at their most annoying and stupid as well. Only 2 episodes really made them likeable, like "Once There Were Greenfields," or "Crossing Paths." Others made them more obnoxious and stupid than usual, and as far as the dub goes, rhyming nonsense and alliterating for the heck of it. Trying to be funny and hip when it wasn't needed, ending up making things worse than they would've been. In general, and ignoring that, appearing almost every episode (if not every one) didn't help them out and showed how they were shoved into the show for the sheer hell of it. At one point even Ash says "Uh...Pikachu...thunderbolt" and says they don't have time for Team Rocket. Talk about pointless and just plain annoying most of the time.

    Barry was funny in his first appearance to a degree, but after that he was more annoying than funny.

    Nando was good in his first few appearances, but seemed to deteriorate later on, especially in the League.
    So, yeah, that's my 2 cents on the matter.
    Updated 26th August 2013 at 02:31 AM by Pokémon Master Ash
  2. Hurricane Kishore's Avatar
    @The Fighting Misty

    Do You know Clemont & Alexa actually appeared in that trailer ???
  3. The Fighting Misty's Avatar
    Dawn herself also wasn't as interesting post-Wallace Cup. That's around the time the writers started turning her into a female Ash clone and her character became generic outside the Contests episodes.

    Dawn's personality was actually quite funny and clever in early Sinnoh. No idea why the writers ditched that to make her into a girly female Ash. She just became blander which is why by late Sinnoh it seemed the fandom was bored with her.
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