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The Fighting Misty

My Pokemon anime viewing experience from 1998

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by , 18th August 2013 at 08:45 PM (1300 Views)
Here is my Pokemon anime viewing experience for someone who has been watching from the beginning:

1998/1999: Like most people I got into the show during Kanto and watched the show religiously in new episodes and repeats. I've probably rewatched this saga more than any other, simply because KIDSWB used to rerun it to death and I always saw the same episodes over and over.

2000: Watched all of Orange Islands, still a bit Pokemon fan

2001-2003: Johto started and while I was excited at first, after about 20 episodes I began to lose interest. The show had suffered a massive loss of quality from the first two seasons, and then it hit its absolute breaking point when Charizard and Squirtle left, and the GS ball was abandoned with no resolution. When those 3 events happened I knew the writers didn't give a shit about the show anymore, (of course we didn't know at the time that Takeshi Shudo quit the show sometime into Johto, so that accounts to it), and the tedious fillers didn't help matters. Surprisingly I didn't stop watching though, because I thought the anime was going to end when Johto concluded. Misty was flanderized for the most part and lost most of her personality quirks from the first two seasons, Ash's Johto Pokemon weren't as interesting as his Kanto set, and Brock would eventually settle into his repetitive rut. The league was the highpoint however with Ash beating Gary and Charizard/Squirtle returning.

2003-2005: This was the AG era, and compared to Johto, my interest in the anime was revitalized. Ash became a better character, his Hoenn Pokemon were much better, May proved to be a much better developed female lead than Misty, and the Contests were a welcome addition to the series at the time. Brock was also still good, and I'm glad he returned. Unlike most, I also didn't mind Max as a character, although I can see why others didn't like him. It honestly felt like the writers had learned what went wrong with Johto and tried to fix all these mistakes with AG. More importantly character development returned to the series, particularly with May and her rivals.

2006: Battle Frontier unfortunately is known for the VA change. This was the first saga I watched in Japanese though, so I had already seen it in its original form before the dub. I did like how it wrapped up AG's plots, like Ash's Brain battles and May's Kanto GF, and was decent for a filler saga. Its a bit of a shame that 4kids didn't finish dubbing AG though.

2007-2010: The DP era I enjoyed, but at this point it was when I knew the show was never going to end unless Ash won a league. Dawn's inclusion of the show made it obvious we were going to have a new female lead every gen (back when May was introduced, we didn't know this cycle was established yet), and Brock stayed for no reason at all. I enjoyed what others did about DP, the battles/villains/rivals, etc.....but I agree this is where the group dynamics felt stale for the first time, and the length was a bit absurd. Still the highlight of Ash as a trainer was the best part of this arc.

2011-Present: I watched the first 30 or so episodes of Best Wishes, and then began to lose interest. I then only started to watch the important eps like the Gyms and tournaments and not the fillers. Right before the league was when I stopped watching entirely. I couldn't stand how reset this saga was. I really like Cilan but one character isn't enough to save an entire arc. The TR stuff was also squandered.

Overall I think my Pokemon anime time has come to an end, unless the XY series blows my mind, I'm pretty much going to pretend the series ended with DP. I don't watch shows with no endings that go on forever, and 13 years was a good enough time as any. Probably the saddest thing about the anime is all of us original fans from 1998 never got to see Ash's story conclude. If I knew this when the show first started and that the series would go on for 20 years indefinitely, I probably would have never gotten into it in the first place.

It was a good run. I will watch the Origins special however. :)

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  1. Kalos Adventurer's Avatar
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    @ The Fighting Misty,

    I have an anime strategy you can use if you want:
    - When a new series starts, go ahead and watch it from its premiere, up until the point where Ash/Satoshi has had his 2nd or 3rd Gym badge. (By now, enough episodes should have aired so one can give a series a thorough evaluation on it without being vague. (If there were a lot of fillers during the Gym gaps, go ahead and skip the ones you seem to find uninteresting, judging by an episode's preview or summary.

    - If the series' evaluation was bad, go ahead and drop out, but keep up with episode titles/previews/summaries, and go ahead and watch one you wanna see. If the evaluation went well, continue to watch, but still drop out on "uninteresting episodes".

    If you've dropped out, I would suggest returning at either Gym 8 or when the League starts, then stay until the end of the series.

    - Go ahead and watch a generation's series of Pokémon films unless you find a movie's plot, boring.

    - Repeat this cycle for each series, onward (in this case, Gen 7 anime and onward).
    Updated 19th August 2013 at 04:17 AM by Kalos Adventurer
  2. Tsutarja's Avatar
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    So, will you keep posting here or ... ? :O
  3. The Outrage's Avatar
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    I see you've finally reached the final stage of grief--acceptance.

    Though it seems like you jumped there all the way from denial.
  4. The Fighting Misty's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Outrage
    I see you've finally reached the final stage of grief--acceptance.

    Though it seems like you jumped there all the way from denial.
    To be fair, I was still a big fan of the anime up till the end of DP. Its really only the last 3 years of the show that have turned me off. The anime has never had stellar writing in general, but there was enough in each saga to keep me entertained anyway. That's probably the reason why any of us stuck with the show for so long in the first place.
  5. pokemon fan 132's Avatar
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    In a long running series like Pokemon which goes for 15+ years its surprise in itself that many of us sticked with it so far. Especially when there is low amount of continuity present into it, main protagonist constantly fails regresessing in his growth rather than advancing forward along with story being repetitive, overused and formulaic.

    But also real life obligations, other more important interests and events which happen in our life and part of growing up taking away our interest from things we used to enjoy in before.

    So i can't blame you for losing interest given circumstances and fact how writers don't care much about quality and ways to maintain interest from older generations making them feel excluded and irrelevant.

    Personally i feel like i invested too much into this show growing up with it. It played part of my childhood, i had many great moments and pleasant memories out from it and with sheer desire of wanting to find out in what way Ash and everyone else story will conclude ill try to stay tune with it. At least occasionally. As well having small glimpse of hope toward series becoming better and mote considerate toward history and ex companions which helped to build it to kick of in first place.

    p.s. I would only appreciate if you could have your posts appear mofre to be reflection of opinion rather than stating it as fact in future. Because while its fine that you don't think Johto and OS had any development and how Misty apparently "lost personality" those are just matter of opinion not speaking for whole fandom. Something im inclined to disagree with finding Ash and Misty got growth there still being enjoyable and faithful to their characterization for most part preferring older series over AG.
  6. Bluelatios's Avatar
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    As long as Pokemon has a fandom, I have hope for its future. I know what this franchise is capable of achieving and so I believe in the power of the writers, producers, and influence of the fans. So I too will continue to be strong and keep watching. I'm a Pokemon fan for life, and nothings gonna change that!


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