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Sehr Effektiv!!! - 08/15 -

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by , 7th February 2012 at 05:47 PM (190 Views)
What a lame thing to do for my very first blog post ( I was about to rant on the Tingle DS games and how I am terribly disappointed that the second game wasn't released here...) but I am lazy and copy other people all the time, so I might as well do a "favourite and least favourite Pokémon of each type"-thing of my own.

I'll start off with the Normal type.

I like many normal type Pokémon because there is a huge amount of creatures to pick from within said type. But there can be only one which is:

Least'll try to ignore normal/flying types here since I consider them more flying and less normal type to be honest.
So it is:

Next time I will look at the Grass type, whenever that will be.

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