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GTS censored my Pokémon!?

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I should have been more mature...or skeptical or...I don't know, but it looks like the GTS changed my Pokémon's nickname AND its OT ( but not the Trainer number).

It went like this:

As of now I am preparing different teams for the PWT Type Expert tournament. I have a shiny, EV-trained Roserade named Superbitch on my White 1 game. Because of my lack of a second DS I can't trade it to my White 2 version without problems.

But I found a away around this problem: I set up a random Ditto in the GTS, looking for a Roserade. On my W1 game I will look for this Ditto ( its pretty easy to find the Pokémon thanks to the region-search option) and trade my shiny Roserade for it. and..tadaaa...the trade is done.
Only problem is that the trade seemed to change the nickname back to Roserade's normal name and it also changed the trainer name (Kyoko ) to Shiro* as well.

The Roserade is the same as before, EVs, stats, level, shiny factor etc. but the name and OT changed. What's even better: the Ditto that my W1 character recieved is a total different one altogether. Different OT and attached item.

I checked the Join Avenue for the person called "Shiro*" but nobody was there.

I guess the system changed/resetted the name for Roserade during the trade because of its offensive nature...but I've done this several times ( with stupid nicknames as well :p ) and nothing like this has ever happened to me before.

I know a nickname is no big deal to some people, but I am actually a little sad that the name is gone now. Normal names are so plain and boring to me and this Roserade his part of my team since my Pearl days.

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  1. Cleffa's Avatar
    Superbitch. I love it. LOL. XD
  2. Robo-Floatzel's Avatar
    This is why I cannot stand the censorship in the later games so that "the games are safe for the kiddies", because it ruins a lot of things. They also changed the Chatter move in later games so that it was just Chatot's cry rather than you making sounds in the DS microphone, ruining the entire concept of the move because they wanted the games to be "family friendly" and not have people make Chatot swear.

    I also agree with you that normal names are plain and boring, I almost always give all my Pokemon nicknames so I can distinguish them from other individuals of their species.

    F***ing ESRB ruins everything!
  3. Mißingnåen's Avatar
    I thought it just didn't allow you to trade a pokemon when it had a name on their censor list. I know there was a problem before where you couldn't trade a Cofagrigus without a nickname because it has "fag" in the name.
  4. John Understands's Avatar
    @Robo-Floatzel; And this is why I usually play Gen IV.
  5. Serenity's Avatar
    You also can't trade Frosslass either.

    Well, I'm not sure if that's true now, but in the past you couldn't due to it having the word "ass" in it's name.


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