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More Sketches from SG

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by , 15th February 2009 at 02:22 PM (287 Views)
Woo. So I can't even find my old Fanart topics, so I'm sticking with the blog format for art now. I spent this morning working on my random Pokemon sketches--the ones where I draw Pokemon as if I had come up with'll catch on.

Today's were three of my all-time favorite Pokemon: Jynx, Electabuzz, and Magmar.

I know Jynx isn't a Ghost-type, but I think she looks better as a spirit. Also, I can't explain the drool. All I can say is, looking at this now, I'm a little creeped out. I guess that was my intention, but still...

Electabuzz is my favorite Pokemon, which means he's basically my least-favorite to draw.

So there we go. Comments are always appreciated.

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