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Tales from the SG-Zone: A BLOG

SG rarely has anything good to say, but when he does, he might post it here. And it'll still probably not be very interesting, but hey. It's a free blog.

  1. VibuzeSG rambles uselessly

    by , 16th July 2008 at 09:18 PM (Tales from the SG-Zone: A BLOG)
    We have blogs now, do we? That we can use for anything? Well, I'd feel left out if I didn't use it, even if I squander it on this sort of monologue with myself.

    So...Tina definitely has the right idea, I'll probably start using this to upload my doodles rather than use some classic thread necromancy on my old fanart thread from a while ago.

    So...so...so...yeah, I'll probably wind up doing something...
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