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On the Subject of Misty Threads

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by , 25th February 2011 at 05:01 PM (765 Views)
Excuse me, this will have a lot of unprofessionalism, because I've had it up to HERE about this...

I do not believe in major censorship. I think that if members are able to discuss subjects in a calm and rational manner without overstating their claims or getting off topic, then fine. Have fun.

This is why I defended not banning Misty from the anime forums. It would be unfair for her fans who wish to discuss about her in a reasonable manner.

On the other hand, as Karamazov stated in a previous blog, Misty is a cursed name. Mentioning her in a thread will cause COMPLETE RUIN to whatever discussion follows it. History has proven it here, here, here, here, here and don't forget the recent two that just popped up.

Now look through those threads...everything that needs to be said about Misty has probably already been said. I don't mind this, I mean it's not like conversations don't regenerate themselves in the anime forums (So many "Ash's best team" and "Best OP" threads have been made), but none are so elusive and touchy as this.

Which is why I felt so godamn awful when someone actually had the courtesy of asking to make a Misty thread before posting it, and I had to tell that user to wait a while...because the outcome would likely be the same.

There is really no hope for a decent Misty conversation, is there? There really isn't a middle ground with her fans/non-supporters, is there?

The VA ban was put in place for the betterment of the forums at the time; wars and off-topicness was rampant everywhere. When it was first instated, I did not support the decision at all, and for the record, I'm super glad it's been been repealed. But I understand the reasoning behind it - rules and bans are put in place because they help regulate harmony and non-conflict among the users.

So does that mean that I'd be in favor of a "Misty ban?" Honestly, I really don't know. I want to believe in you guys (the anime regulars), but every time I see "this thread will turn to shit because Misty's mentioned," my heart breaks a little. Ignore it, report it or try to get back on topic, but take your negativity elsewhere, PLEASE.

Sorry for all that (if you read it), feel free to criticize me or call me out. I'm just sick of it. What are your opinions on this?

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Updated 2nd November 2011 at 01:47 PM by CommanderPigg

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  1. Iteru's Avatar
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    You just had to bring up old topics in which I joined in on the Misty fiasco didn't you? :P

    I do think it is getting a bit out of hand though, especially when it leads to topics that have nothing to do with Misty going to shit. That's pretty much why I just report them now, because while it used to be fun to join in, it's just annoying now when threads are destroyed that I would have liked to participate in in the right way.
  2. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
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    Its just a shame that people have to get so worked up about Misty. Shes a great character, truly a shame, while not my favorite, i hate that there has be be such a war about her, what for? Come on people. What makes people get so worked up about Misty?
  3. Yoshi-san's Avatar
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    Ugh. What ruins the Misty discussion is when SOMEONE mentions how she hasn't been on the show for years, PROVOKING SOMEONE ELSE to ramble ON and ON how she was treated poorly.

    And it goes down hill from there
  4. CommanderPigg's Avatar
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    @Iteru - completely unintentional :P Or...is it? Perhaps I should have posted in your blog instead.

    Which is why if people discuss in their appropriate thread, I don't really mind. I don't especially like joining in or reading the posts, but I respect their right to debate. And don't worry, I've had my fun at Misty teasing too :P

    @Shiny Celebi - There are positives about Misty that I think people either undermine or overlook because they don't particularly appeal to them. That's okay, but it really bothers me whenever someone makes me feel as if I have no RIGHT to like a character. Misty's current popularity, in my opinion, is pretty overestimated: she's not exactly everywhere like the non-supporters might think. So, I don't even see the point in "bashing" her, when it's really only to ruffle the feathers of a few fans. I think it's because Misty was the first traveling companion Ash had, and her initial wave of fans who fell for her in her glory days are still holding on to her - but it's getting harder and harder considering how long she's removed from the show. I blame nostalgia, and perhaps restlessness :P

    @Yoshi-san - have a cookie.
  5. Grave-E's Avatar
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    I personally think the simplest solution would be to attack the root of the problem, which is to say, sort out the people who carry it on. It is almost always the exact same set of
    suspects going at each other's throats or slathering a thread in a coat of text walls in response to an otherwise inoccent comment or obvious baiting. If I had the power, I'd dish out some bans, but I know you guys try to be as fair as possible about it.
    It's a shame that the minority always have to spoil things because, whether I may or may not show it, I'm quite fond of the character. But it's getting to the point where just seeing her name is enough to make me roll my eyes and think "Oh boy, here it comes..."

    ...also, I'm really not sure how I got here.
  6. CommanderPigg's Avatar
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    @Grave-E - I have discussed this issue with the people in question, and I try to get their perspective on the whole situation. Some really want their opinions to be expressed, others want the users to see the "truth" while others just want to cause conflict. I'm not really infraction-happy, believe it or not, and I would much rather reform than repress, if that makes any sense.

    Yeah, don't worry, I feel the same, and I'm sorry that good users like you have to suffer through this.

    ...neither am I? XD Uh, welcome to this...pastelly sea of Pauls, I guess! It's pretty crazy, apologies ^^;
  7. The Puppetmaster's Avatar
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    So does that mean that I'd be in favor of a "Misty ban?" Honestly, I really don't know. I want to believe in you guys (the anime regulars), but every time I see "this thread will turn to shit because Misty's mentioned," my heart breaks a little. Ignore it, report it or try to get back on topic, but take your negativity elsewhere, PLEASE.
    THIS THIS THIS. This doesn't apply to just Misty threads, in my opinion. I think some topics could be more successful if people wouldn't be so quick to judge. The least people could do is reply with a serious answer and see where it goes from there. Whenever the first reply to a thread is, "This thread's gonna get closed!" I want to say, "How do you know if you don't give it a chance?" or "If you feel that way, spare me the few seconds of my life it took me to read this pointless post and just report it." :/

    I agree with everything you've stated, Pigg. Whenever Misty's name is mentioned, chaos is sure to follow.

    I hope your blood pressure's alright, too. ^_^
  8. Karamazov's Avatar
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    This Karamazov sounds like a genius we should all love. :D

    I like how it's gotten to the point where threads always end up involving Misty somehow. A thread about Pidove could turn into a battle over Misty.
  9. pokemon fan 132's Avatar
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    You bring up very interesting point and thrust me i fully understand this frustration.
    First time i joined this forums i thought how reasonable discussion about every pokemon character is possible to establish(boy was i wrong).

    Root of problem is sadly in certain people not being able to respect each other opinions or setting up "flamebaits" which leads often to flamewars and character bashing.I speaked about this problem in blog i made awhile ago noticing how at sole mention of someone wanting Misty back in show gets attacked for no reason.

    I cant say i dont feel a little bit of guilty considering how in good chunk of threads i used to participate debating alot,but in reality i was one of those who were only defending said character from degrading and my views.I always try to be respectful toward others and their opinions and i wish i could say same thing about everyone but i sadly cant.

    I dont think putting ban on discussion about Misty is right way to go either.Fans who like her and want to discuss about her shouldnt be punished because of troublemakers but somesort of pact should be established.Both fans and non-fans should try somehow to achieve middle ground giving to this kind of threads a chance.THey should learn from past mistakes which caused threads about Misty going to hell,making sure that such thing never repeats again.

    How much of effect this would have is hard to say,but i wish people on this forum are more open minded toward peaceful discuission about character in question like its case with other characters not jumping on someones neck if their opinion dont match their aswell trying to stick on topic.
  10. nickstr's Avatar
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    I blame the crew led by Gliscor'd and PDL for this trouble as they can't seem to keep their hateful comments to themselves leading Misty's fans to defend her. If you think there is a middle ground ANYWHERE in Pokemon's fandom you are blind. As a whole this group is heavily fragmented and people in the opposing sides are continuously arguing with each other. Its this way because of the drastic and sweeping changes that have occurred over the years along with the fact that everyone can't agree on what has happened.
  11. Bubble Frog's Avatar
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    I agree do the crime, fit the punishment.
    Updated 18th July 2012 at 01:12 AM by Bubble Frog
  12. CommanderPigg's Avatar
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    I don't want this to be a free for all for user bashing now...

    But the thing is, no one is really FORCING anyone to respond to them...On a Misty debate thread, I don't mind if there's a back and forth of opinions, as long as they're kept civil and it's on topic.

    If someone decides to bring up Misty in a really irrelevant thread...don't take the bait. Dissenters live for the response. (not to mention it derails the thread...)

    No one is going to have similar opinions about the anime, but there is a way to respectfully share our thoughts without breaking the rules, you know?
  13. Sublime's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by CommanderPigg
    But the thing is, no one is really FORCING anyone to respond to them...
    Bubble Frog likes this.
  14. Bluelatios's Avatar
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    Ok, I'm like majorly bumping this blog up. I really cannot emphasize enough how much it sucks that Misty threads wind up butchered at some point, and I agree with the reason that its when certain people get others riled up that the thread goes sour. I've noticed it happening ever since I joined the forum, Its very dissapointing that Serebii forums resorted to outright banning most Misty discussion, and I hope BMGf will never make such a mistake. I often say, its a people problem, not a subject problem. I hope that someday most users here will learn to get along on the subject and actually have confidence that it will not go sour. Those who commonly contribute to the drama need to learn better sooner or later.


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