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How to Make an Animated .gif

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I've been asked this at least three times, so I might as well make a tutorial on it. I tried to make the steps easy to follow, but I tend to get verbose/confusing at times so if you see any errors/want to make suggestions, have at ye :P

***Getting the screenshots***

***Getting the Screenshots/Creating .gifs using VirtualDub***
Youtube Tutorial <--Thank you, Blazaking Ex!
(note: slightly advanced, but it's a bit less bulky than my method)

Creating Gifs in Gimp
(gimp is free for download here: GIMP - Downloads)

Creating Gifs in Photoshop
(note: This is for versions CS3+; if you have imageready, it may or may not have this option, I'm not sure ^^; If you have a 64 bit, forget won't work >_> *had to learn the hard way*)


If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!
i now have carpal tunnel in my hands >_<

EDIT: Okay, I'm pissed. Why the hell is customizing your blog styles so fucked up now? >:[

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Updated 29th July 2011 at 10:51 AM by CommanderPigg



  1. Blazaking's Avatar
    Or you could, you know, use VirtualDub.
  2. CommanderPigg's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Blazaking EX
    Or you could, you know, use VirtualDub.
    I only use virtual dub to encode my .mkv files into hardsubs/amv-workable clips. I don't know about the optimization options for .gifs on virtualdub...

    EDIT: Also, from my experiences with VirtualDub, you have to write an avisynth file to open most files; ESPECIALLY those encoded with a h.264 codec (which most downloadable files are now a days >_>)
    Updated 28th July 2011 at 06:57 PM by CommanderPigg
  3. Lilac's Avatar
    *puts every episode of pokemon & The simpsons*
  4. double trouble!'s Avatar
    Oh, wow. I do it this way, too.
  5. Eitarou's Avatar
    Piggy, you're awesome, you know that, right?
  6. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar

    Why not sticky this or put it where everybody can easily access it?
  7. Yoshi-san's Avatar

    And I can make my own gifs! :D Thanks Piggy!
  8. absolpwnage's Avatar
  9. CommanderPigg's Avatar
    @TylerS ; I've been suggested to put an entire episode in .gif form to see if I can bypass the copyright rule :P (disclaimer: don't do this XD)
    @Blazaking EX ; Ooooh, so that's how you do it! Holy shit, I've been writing avisynth scripts all these years for nothing XD I'll post that up there too, thank ya! I think I'll stick to my method though, out of habit and convenience for me.
    @double trouble! ; Really? That's a relief XD *high fives*
    @Homu Homu... ; Uh, no not really >_>
    @Rutvik ; There's not really any place to put it, as far as I'm concerned XD I mainly created this so that if anyone asks me again, I can direct them to here. If you can find a place in the future, you can tell me ^^
    @Yoshi-san ; I forgot to MENTION you when I made this Dx Do you like the avvie? I don't know what the limits are for normal users, so could you tell me? I think I have to grayscale it to make it fit...(any two colors you like? :P)


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