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Angry Pokemon Anime Fandom Rant - XMAS!EDITION??

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Y'all need to CHECK yourself if you think that bmgf is the 'general consensus' for the pokemon anime.

Do you really think that a community of like maybe 100 active members (with possibly only about 20 really vocal ones) determines the mindset of an entire fandom of thousands of fans?

Do you think that the only "valid" opinions are those that are formed from people who've religiously watched every episode since the beginning? Or from forum goers exclusively?

Or that isolated communities from Youtube/Tumblr/Deviantart don't have extensive knowledge about whatever they're interested in?

Because the pokemon fandom is so much more than just criticizing the writing or complaining about the character's developments. It's so much more than just determining which saga is the best or which matches were poorly drawn out.

I have met some of the most insightful, creative, funny, talented people through the pokemon fandom, and not just the forums. They all share a common feature: they love the anime and they will do whatever they can to contribute to it.

Discussion is very important part of a fandom. Opinions and analysis are also very important. But in the end, they are just that - personal musings. Just because you may have the illusion that your opinion is the most valid/logical/whimsical/fantastical/important WHATEVER doesn't mean that it IS WHAT THE ENTIRE FANDOM THINKS. ESPECIALLY IN SUCH A DIVERSE AND LARGE FANDOM AS POKEMON.

In large fandoms, with HUNDREDS of characters, worlds, shippings and settings, do you really think that you can summarize the "fandom" as those who've engulfed themselves in every single aspect of it??

Eyo, I'm not saying that Best Wishes doesn't have its flaws in writing; it's honestly a big train wreck at this point. But if you can't see the bright side it; if you can't step outside your comfort zone and see that you can still be a "fan" in other ways; then why are you hurting yourself?

The point of a fandom is to have fun. There's no right way to do it.

And merry christmas y'all, to those who celebrate it. I don't and I haven't slept all day and I do irrational things when I don't sleep.

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  1. HumanDawn's Avatar
    @The Fighting Misty;

    Merry Christmas to you to! ^_^
  2. Yoshi-san's Avatar

    I really really REALLY hate that mentality and this needs to be said.
  3. Meron's Avatar
    Preach it, sister.
  4. CrackFox's Avatar
    Well said. Merry christmas!
  5. Bubble Frog's Avatar
    Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

    Thanks for making this blog.
    Updated 25th December 2012 at 05:06 PM by Bubble Frog
  6. Winterdaze's Avatar
    Pigg knows how it is.
  7. Pokémon Master Ash's Avatar
    All I can say is, thank god the opinions of those on BMGF don't dictate the fandom's opinions. I disagree with nearly everything many of them have to say. I thought Sinnoh was the [I]worst[/I] arc in the anime, not the best. I found the DP dub to be the [I]worst[/I] dub, not the best. Mind you, I have very valid reasons for my points when it comes to the series, characters, voices, personalities, outfits, etc.


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