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Exam Results! (and other tidbits)

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*Clears dust from blog*

So this morning my lazy uni finally bothered to post last semesters exam results. For me there were:

Microeconomics: A+
Cost and Management Accounting: A
Maths for Sciences: A
Computer Programming I: A-
Law, Governance and Society A-

Woo! I'm actually pretty pleased :B Especially with the last two, as I would've bet my soul that I failed them..Good thing I didn't ;p

Other Tidbits
-This is my last weekend on vacation T_T Semester 2 begins on Monday.
-I went bowling for the first time recently. I sucked but all my friends were worse, making me look kickass xD
-I actually got into all the classes I wanted this semester :B They're usually all full by the time I register.
-No one gave Iteru poisoned birthday cake >:(. I am disappoint.
-I actually have more than one blog entry now :O

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  1. CommanderPigg's Avatar
    Congrats! you silly nerd, you!

    I would've given Iteru poisoned cake, but he seems the type to eat it for breakfast without even batting his eye, you know? :P
  2. Paperhorse's Avatar
    Oh wow! you did awesome! Congrats :D

    Btw, I recently went bowling too, and I'm pretty bad at it, but I managed to win against my friends too! Although I think I just got lucky lol.

    Good luck next semester!
  3. DashingFox's Avatar
    @Pigg- Thanks! :D I''m not a nerd, I just actually studied for once :P xD

    The earlier he eats it the better, I say!

    @Paperhorse- Thanks too!
    We are clearly pro bowlers in disguise :p

    Good luck to you as well!


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