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    So my laptop's hard drive went splat last night. At first I was "lol, silly laptop stop trollin' , " but then I realised is really was dead

    I feel like a fool because I knew that I should've had everything backed up, but I was just too lazy and naive to bother to D: Now everything is gone. Not only is this a complete buzzkill to the bit of free time I have, but its also a giant hindrance at work. I was literally so bored there today I read any and every piece of paper ...

    Updated 10th June 2011 at 06:04 PM by DashingFox

  2. Exam Results! (and other tidbits)

    *Clears dust from blog*

    So this morning my lazy uni finally bothered to post last semesters exam results. For me there were:

    Microeconomics: A+
    Cost and Management Accounting: A
    Maths for Sciences: A
    Computer Programming I: A-
    Law, Governance and Society A-

    Woo! I'm actually pretty pleased :B Especially with the last two, as I would've bet my soul that I failed them..Good ...
  3. Random Stuff

    Sooo.. I finally decided to try one of these blog things.

    I even went though all the trouble of filling it with random facts you all probably could care less about! 8D

    Let’s see.

    -I’m 18 and I just finished secondary school. I’m going to University sometime in August :B
    - I love cooking. It goes well with another passion of mine- eating. Yay.
    - I’m a big fan of Nintendo consoles and I probably always will be. I also promptly roll my eyes when ...