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So, clearly, the Subway runs electric trains on their lines; that’s why they boosted that service car using Shibirudon/Elektross’s electricity.
But, there’s nothing above the trains; this is not an overhead electrification system… the subway utilizes third rail electrification.

SO, if you needed more reasons to find the Subway Masters scary/awesome/both, see those yellow lines running parallel to the incoming and outgoing running tracks they’re walking on? Those are electric conductors; the yellow part is a covering for it.

… now look back at the scene of them running. They’re on the running tracks, closest to the third rails. If they so much as trip and touch the third rail, or worse touch both third rail and the rail they’re on,they’ll complete the circuit.

(Those last two caps came from here.)

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  1. 97SaturnSL1's Avatar
    I can just hear OSHA crying...
  2. QuietDragon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by 97SaturnSL1
    I can just hear OSHA crying...
    "Follow the rules and drive safely!" applies not to the Subway Masters, evidently.


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