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Blog posts pertaining to the Pokemon franchise go here. Mostly anime-related ramblings. Fandom posts.

  1. [Pokemon/SubMas]

    So, clearly, the Subway runs electric trains on their lines; that’s why they boosted that service car using Shibirudon/Elektross’s electricity.
    But, there’s nothing above the trains; this is not an overhead electrification system… the subway utilizes third rail electrification.

    SO, if you needed more reasons to find the Subway Masters scary/awesome/both, see those yellow ...
  2. [Art] Noodly limbed Dent/Cilan

  3. [SubMas]

    Giant gif:

    I am still proud of the fact that I made this.

    ... yes, this is the first thing I'll post here after all this time. xD
    Art , Pokemon
  4. [Pokemon] Kasumi/Haruka/Hikari Dress-Up Games

    Dress up Kasumi/Misty, Haruka/May, or Hikari/Dawn!

    I finally reuploaded my old dress-up games to Angelfire after GeoCities died on me ages ago.

    They're very simple, but I hope you'll have fun with them!

    And yes, I do have a bit of a nekomimi obsession. x3;;



    http://solitarybird.angelfire.com/hikaridressup.html ...

    Updated 28th July 2010 at 08:46 PM by QuietDragon

  5. [Pokemon] Darn this fandom...

    Clearly, I hadven't been keeping up enough with these boards.

    Who is the LT? The Darkrai trainer?

    What does it stand for? Legendary trainer or something?
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