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The boring kinds of things nobody but close friends tend to read. Personal posts.

  1. This might sound gross, but...

    raw egg yolk is really, really good.

    It's supposed to have this vanilla-like taste when fresh. Felt milky to me, but dang, who knew raw egg yolk could be this tasty?

    When we used the egg white in the Chinese corn soup today, I had the yolk again, so we wouldn't have to toss it or anything. xD

    Yes, that's two raw eggs in one day. ^^;

    If you're scared of salmonella, but getting your eggs from healthy hens, actually check the eggs to make ...

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  2. Took the Pokemon quiz

    ... -blink-

    Really, now.

    The pessimism is not outward in anyway. Though, my sister already knows talking with me about humanity is ultimately depressing, I highly doubt everybody senses the negativity from a mile away and flees!
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  3. Inspired by Blackjack's gender topic...

    (this topic)

    I am biologically female and identify as female. Cisgendered. I was tomboyish in my youth and favored the company of boys. Loved Batman, Spiderman, Zorro, as well as the Masked Phantom to a lesser extent. Trained in Tae Kwon Do.
    Most of my interests were in the boy's domain, besides a love for Barbie dolls (my flexible gymnast Barbie, not the boring stationary ones.)
    My only girly friend was a little boy who shared my love for Barbie dolls (he was raised ...

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