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  1. I feel like a noob.

    I've gotta be some kind of super idiot lately.

    Two warnings.

    TWO WARNINGS, after ages of inactivity.

    First about my signature and now, I've somehow managed to forget VA talk is banned. How? I don't know.

  2. [Art/Pokemon/Naruto] another silly comic

    Considering it's just a doodle, forgive the bad quality and lined paper. xD;

    That's the most categories one of my posts have ever had.
  3. Thoughts on DP 93 "The Dancing Gym Leader! Enter Melissa!"

    I find Pokemon-ified Japanese sayings oddly adorable.

    Saru mo ki kara ochiru (even monkies fall from trees) was rendered as Eipamu mo ki kara ochiru (even Aipom fall from trees), spoken by Melissa today~

    Melissa's Japanese is a tad awkward, but her English is even more confusing at times.
    But Takeshi's random "yes!" cracked me up. Anything to try and woo a girl, huh?

    I see the scarily-tall gaijin rule applies to women as well! Nice to ...