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Disappointed by E3? Maybe this will satisfy your gaming fix...

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I don't know about you, but I found this year's E3 to be disappointing. Nintendo's showcase was all about the Wii U, a mirror image of last year's E3, and when it wasn't, it was about things we'd already known about for a while now. My only solace came from the long awaited announcement and demo of Pikmin 3, and I must say, the Wii U's game pad and HD graphics suit the franchise beautifully. If it ends up being a launch title, you can bet that I'll be one of the first in line. Nintendo Land looks like it'd be a great time as well, although I can't help but be disappointed there doesn't appear to be a Pokemon themed attraction among the other Nintendo powerhouse franchises. But, other than that, I was largely disappointed. Still, maybe I'm just being difficult. It was stupid of me to keep my fingers crossed for some Super Smash Bros. news. But, is an update on Animal Crossing 3DS too much to ask for?!

However, just after I'd finished watching the Nintendo's 3DS software showcase, I stumbled upon the trailer for a surprisingly little known (at least, for me) film called Wreck-it Ralph.

I'd only heard about it no more than a couple of weeks ago, and that was only because I frequent movie news websites. I was immediately intrigued by the plot, but I had no idea the scale and significance of this movie until I'd seen the trailer.

Wreck-it Ralph stars John C. Reilly as the title character and tells the story of, well, Wreck-it Ralph, the main villain in a popular arcade game, Fix-it Felix. However, after 30 years of being the lowly bad-guy, Ralph is no longer content with his unfulfilling role and decides that he wants to be the hero. Going against all laws and rules that maintain balance in the gaming universe, Ralph "jumps" out of his game and into lands he'd never imagined, from taking up arms in a futuristic first person shooter, to exploring a cutesy yet intimidating candy filled land in a racing game. However, when his quest for glory results in the unleashing of the universe's most powerful villain, Ralph, along with the equally adventurous and noble characters he met on his journey, must battle to save the arcade from a permanent game over. Watch the trailer here.

Seeing many of classic gaming's most influential and recognizable characters in such a colorful, beautifully animated setting was just what I needed to get past the "Meh" I was feeling from E3. Even if you didn't need the extra kick, I'm sure you'll agree that Wreck-it Ralph looks like it will be a truly unique film in its eagerness to illustrate the immersion into different worlds and characters that video games offer. And, who knows? Hollywood's first truly good video game movie might not be based on a video game at all, but based on the entire premise of the untapped universe that still lies just through the screen and joystick. Still, all I have to say is, you had me at Bowser in group therapy. Wreck-it Ralph hits theaters on November 2nd this year.

EDIT: I see I was ninja'd by Tophat Dragoneye. Still, I'm glad to see that I wasn't the only one interested in this ;D

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  1. Robo-Floatzel's Avatar
    When I heard the concept, I was VERY interested, and then I saw the trailer, I was VERY VERY interested


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