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New art from old series

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by , 4th December 2008 at 02:38 PM (230 Views)
Lately I have been working on my Night Troupe story, which has been developing for the last seven years. But now I'm finally refining it and making it into a proper story and not the fluffy crap it was. It's really fun.

For my doodles, I'm using a new program called Sai. It is awesomeness. The program is lightweight (5 megabytes), starts up right away and is like ChibiPaint only a bit different and a bit fancier in areas. It's the simplest fancier program I found. It's nothing like Photoshop. Just imagine Paint refined with layers, pressure sensitivity, airbrushes and anti-alias.

I love it

The people here are Martha, Misty and Bella
Martha is the token nerd but she aint that simple. She's lazy, hates certain subjects, and she doesn't even wear glasses!
Misty is the protagonist and is supposed to be the most relatable person in the story. She finds her sister Bella annoying but sometimes they get along.
Bella is the annoying one, based on me when I was younger. She has a big imagination and has femenine traits.
All three girls are siblings/troupers.

The lady up in the front is Korin. She and her sister Morin are maids/helpers of the troupe and make meals/drive the kids to school. Korin is the fun one and Morin is the mature, responsible one.

(offtopic - found a really helpful manga tutorial book on scribd about backgrounds and animals, so good I downloaded it and may buy it in the future)

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