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  1. Onigiri for dinner

    Well this is the first time I made onigiri and the first time I've ever had them for dinner. My mother helped me with the stove since I'm a pathetic sheltered 19 year old who has gotten by with microwave dinners.

    I cheated in the end and put rice vinegar on two riceballs and when I ate it, I could for some reason taste the smooth texture of the grains better.

    Unfortunately I had one main issue.

    Originally, when we were at the Asian supermarket, I planned ...
  2. I hate tv

    And don't you go saying that old phrase "If you don't like it, then don't (verb) it." because in my family, tv is unavoidable. The only way I could avoid it completely is if I made myself a soundproof suit that had small holes for eyes.

    I think my life would be a lot better if TV was completely omitted from my life. However, eliminating all tvs from my house would be impossible.

    My parents watch tv every day. My mom watches random shows in the morning and ...
  3. New LAPTOP

    After four years, I have finally purchased a new laptop. I'm still using my old one because I just got the new one today so I have to set it up. I gotta get XP on it (don't want Vista).
    I'm gonna miss this laptop though. It was my finest experience with this one.

    For the curious, here are some specs -

    Toshiba Satellite L355
    17" inch display
    webcam and microphone
    it's got a number pad
    250gb hard disk drive

    Comments: ...
  4. I had onigiri today for the first time ever!

    I was making moaning noises while I was eating at the shop but I couldn't help it because the onigiri was sooo good. It was a small shop completely dedicated to the stuff only they called it omusubi and the name of the place was like oms and it was on 45th street on a block with lots of Asian restaurants.

    So for lunch today I had two onigiri and strawberry mochi icecream. One onigiri had salmon roe and one had salmon. I even watched the lady make it. Shit ...
  5. The elite 4 in Platinum is too hard T_T

    I have tried sooo many times to beat the E4 with all the potions I can get but I still lose and it all has to do with speed and even my fastest Pokemon are outrun by normally slow Pokemon

    Ooba/Flint's sunny day + Ponyta = instant Solar beam against my Toritodon/Gastrodon without warning so I can't switch my Tropius out to absorb it (yeah I know switching is cheap but I am so desperate, I'd resort to a gameshark if I had one)
    Goyou/Lucian's Espeon is so fast with it's Psychic ...
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