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Fanart and original art will be/is posted here.

  1. Blender 3d Progress

    by , 13th December 2009 at 08:36 PM
    When I said I was going to give it my best at learning 3d, I really meant it. Now I'm pretty good at modeling. Rigging, posing, animation, scripting and lighting - not so much but it's a great start. Plus I can now have all my favorite characters from Pokemon and Zelda plus my own original characters in 3d.

    I have this urge to make a guide on how to model in Blender because the learning curve is very steep but short. A main problem that beginners face is of the mass amounts of shortcut ...
  2. I have decided that I will finally attempt 3d modeling again

    by , 4th November 2009 at 02:18 AM
    I've been trying for a long time to become a proper 3d modeler. I've used 10+ programs including
    1. 3dstudio Max (not free)
    2. GMax (free)
    3. Wings 3d (free)
    4. Google Sketchup (free)
    5. Hexagreat (free)
    6. CB Model Pro (completely free)
    7. QAvimator (semi free)
    8. Blender

    I'm going to settle down with Blender and Google Sketchup. GS is a great program for modeling locations, houses, objects and furniture and it's truly the MSPaint ...
  3. Alternate versions of May

    by , 4th April 2009 at 03:09 AM
    Was bored so did some tracing.

    Her hair is more based on Blaziken this time and I thought the second outfit color theme looked very cool. I like the first one the best because it looks more simple and basic.
  4. I sprite too

    by , 13th February 2009 at 12:56 AM
    Although I haven't sprote in ages.

    Maybe due to the lack of subjects to sprite or the lack of inspiration. And lately, I find spriting with color limitations more fun than with a GBA pallet.

    I admit that I only colored two of these three sprites and just recolored the black and white one.

    My favorite is the GBC one because it reminds me of the GSC games. And btw I was ...
  5. Natane (Gardenia's) hair (and some art)

    by , 4th January 2009 at 02:05 AM

    It could be a helmet
    It could be a headband
    Or it could be hairdye (as in Pokespecial)

    Tibetan and Vavavoom inspired

    *Vavavoom is a friend of mine who does great pixel art. She's got patience because she told me she handpixeled everything (no mirroring)

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