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Blender 3d Progress

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When I said I was going to give it my best at learning 3d, I really meant it. Now I'm pretty good at modeling. Rigging, posing, animation, scripting and lighting - not so much but it's a great start. Plus I can now have all my favorite characters from Pokemon and Zelda plus my own original characters in 3d.

I have this urge to make a guide on how to model in Blender because the learning curve is very steep but short. A main problem that beginners face is of the mass amounts of shortcut keys. The W button for example is a shortcut key for over 16 actions and you have to press a number to select the action

A glass ball was made from a tutorial I followed by Super3boy who has a lot of awesome tutorials. That will be one of my uploads

The tutorial that made the most impact on my skill was the one by Ward7299 where he created the male model.

I'll update my blog with some of my models later, I don't have time to upload renders now.

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