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Being a Staten Islander sucks nowadays

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by , 21st April 2011 at 06:16 PM (1222 Views)
Especially if you know that your home-borough has so much cool features that it would take you a series of books to get all of it down on paper.

With shows like the Jersey Shore and now Mob Wives, I really feel so angry and disappointed that people see us as a guido-filled trashy dump. It's partly true but only for like half the island. The other half is nice, diverse ethnically, beautiful, historic, iconic, friendly and basically another world. The architecture is insanely diverse, we have such nice scenery and such interesting history. You never hear about Staten Island being home to Shinji Zindel, one of the few people who made the first telephones, one of the highest points on the eastern seaboard, home of Vanderbilt's architecture and tomb, the largest neoclassical architecture collection in America, and so much more that can only be discovered by actually going there and talking to locals and reading signs.

It's just so pitiful.

Oh and if you're only into modern culture, the War of the Worlds was filmed here and Madonna did her "Papa Don't Preach" video here too and Christina Aguilera was born here but of cooourse they don't tell you where on the island she was born.


Disclaimer: I'm not anti-New Jersey btw. I love New Jersey and really hate that it's thought of as the armpit of America even though it's a really beautiful and diverse place both culturally and geographically. The beaches are beautiful, like Long Beach Island. The mountains are so scenic and it's just so underrated. I wish SIers and NJers would stop fighting and I wish America would stop making fun of SI and NJ because we both have wonderful things to offer. I'd even say NJ is one of the best states to live in, if it weren't for those damn property taxes X_X

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  1. tyler212's Avatar
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    Holy Crap Staten Island really exists! I thought it was an imaginary place that you only heard stories about murders every once in a blue moon!
  2. Luna Tiger's Avatar
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    *lived on Staten Island for six years* You know any show produced in Staten Island is only going to wind up on the north shore. =p Like, Tompkinsville and St. George. Because that's all the tourists, and other New Yorkers, see. The trashy side of the island.

    Staten Island wants to be more NY than NJ than anything, since SI is more NJ property than NY's.
  3. Hyatt's Avatar
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    The trashy side of the island.
    So much of the north shore is far better than the south shore. The only racial problems we have are the Mexican and black tensions in Port Richmond. And where were you, living on the south shore? Sure there are ghettos on the north shore and none on the south but we have a lack of guido trash. We have beautiful family-oriented neighborhoods with hardworking people who have been living there since before the bridge. Both sides of my family were on the island before the bridge. Livingston is perhaps the most gorgeous neighborhood on the island with quite a few other neighborhoods up there. The south shore wasn't even developed until the bridge was built.

    And sure Tompkinsville is trashy but St George isn't trashy anymore. In fact I went to high school there and it's my dream to live there or in a similar place because of how beautiful fun and diverse it is.
  4. rez13's Avatar
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    truth be told, I've hardly ever met anyone that behaves the way the "stereotypical" Staten Islander does, and I've lived here my entire life. mind you, I'm a bit shy to say the least, so the people I know are a minimum, but you'd think I'd at least see them on the ferry or in the mall or something.


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