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Love is pure.

Love is happiness.

Love is everywhere.

Love can prevail over anything.

Love can happen an inch away or miles away.

Love can happen anytime.

Love can happen anywhere.

Love knows no bounds.

Love has no limits.

Love conquers all.

Love is eternal.

Love is blind.

Love is precious.

Love is real.

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  1. Blazevoir's Avatar
    I disagree, yet I respect your right to have an opinion.
  2. Ino-Chan's Avatar
    Except for the "Love is pure" Part. I would agree.
  3. Return of Tyraneon's Avatar
    i hate love
  4. Nekusagi's Avatar
    I like you too.
  5. MetaRobo's Avatar
    Erotic love also happens to be the subject of almost everything in media, which I feel kind of cheapens the idea.
  6. Nando's Avatar
    [quote]i hate love[/quote]

    One always hates most what he envies others for owning but cannot own himself.
  7. Maybe Wednesday's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Me
    True love is fragile. True friendship is infinite.
  8. The Outrage's Avatar
    Love is a fake emotion created by Hallmark D:
  9. Maybe Wednesday's Avatar
    Now everyone's getting philosophical 8D
  10. Nekusagi's Avatar
    iPoke: go back to your cave on Mt. Crumpit.

  11. Turtle Tamer Kammy's Avatar
    One always hates most what he envies others for owning but cannot own himself.
    Ohnoyoudi'in :3

    It's funny that you post this after I decided that for some reason I *actually* want to celebrate Valentine's Day for once XD;
  12. The Outrage's Avatar
    I googled Mt. Crumpit because I didn't know what it was.

    I was hoping it was a mountain made of Crumpets ):
  13. Nekusagi's Avatar
    Dear god your comment just won a big shiny box of Internets.
  14. Maybe Wednesday's Avatar
    I like crumpets. I had crumpets this afternoon. Just before Neku brought it up. Funny that.


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