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  1. Finally, some common sense.


    Finally, some people with autism are trying to get their voices heard amidst the fearmongering. I encourage those of you with autism or who know someone with autism to sign the pledge and make your stand for common sense.
  2. Love.

    Love is pure.

    Love is happiness.

    Love is everywhere.

    Love can prevail over anything.

    Love can happen an inch away or miles away.

    Love can happen anytime.

    Love can happen anywhere.

    Love knows no bounds.

    Love has no limits.

    Love conquers all.

    Love is eternal.

    Love is blind.

    Love is precious.
  3. Giving of thanks.

    Since today is Thanksgiving (in the US of A), I thought I'd post a list of 10 things I'm thankful for (with pictures, where I could fit them in). If any of you have anything you're thankful for, feel free to leave it here as a comment.

    1. The love of my life- thanks for being there for me and making every day really special and making me feel loved and happy. I don't know what I'd do without you.

    2. My cats- waking up wouldn't be the same without seeing the youngest ...
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  4. RIP, Mr. Oskay

    Today I learned one of my high school teachers committed suicide.

    I'm kinda speechless now... writing my LJ entry was hard enough... so I'll just quote the Indianapolis Star:
    Police have identified the man found dead Friday night at Warren Central High School as 30-year-old Matthew Oskay, the director of the school's performing arts center.

    Oskay's body was found shortly after 8 p.m. Friday by a school janitor. The discovery occurred while thousands of
  5. I'm actually pulling it off.

    I'm on page two of the aforementioned English paper.

    It's almost 2:30. I thank Pepsi Max for keeping me up like this. I want to get four pages knocked out tonight, but if I just get two done tonight, two done sometime tomorrow, and then the last four between tomorrow and Thursday, that'll be good.
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